They are ubiquitous in the temperate climes. An everyday sighting, yet often ignored. Everyday, there are birds in your presence. You see birds daily.

Birds are found on every continent.

A gentle twitter outside the window. The burst of fluttering as a startled covey explodes away from the feeder. A piercing screech of a hawk through the forest. You hear birds daily.

Birds are dazzling in their colors and varieties.

Yet, the most amazing thing about most birds, is that they fly. They glide, they soar, they flap, they dive, they hover. Birds seemingly defy gravity. You are seldom inspired by this magnificence.

Still, there was a youthful day, when you laid on the warm spring grass and yearned with all your heart and dreamed of flying like a bird.

That wonder is still existent, everyday and on every continent.